1. $55 (obligatory joke here about waiting for Magnum)

    The BeagleBone platform is of particular interest in embedded automation, thanks to the richness of industrial I/O found in its TI Sitara AM3359 SoC. The BlueSteel-Basic is essentially identical to the BeagleBone Black except it’s missing the community-backed model’s micro-HDMI port and eMMC flash: 2GB in the original $45 Rev B version and 4GB in the newly released, $55 Rev C version.

    In other words, the BlueSteel-Basic harkens back to the original BeagleBone White. Yet it still has all the other BeagleBone Black attributes, primarily a faster 800MHz Texas Instruments Sitara AM3359 SoC, and a doubling of the RAM to 512MB.

    …According to Dave Anders, Senior Embedded Engineer at CircuitCo, some OEMs that had developed products based on the original BeagleBone version (aka “BeagleBone White”) had trouble migrating their designs to the BeagleBone Black. “On the BeagleBone Black, some of the expansion header signals were used to add the eMMC and HDMI, and because the manufacturers’ original designs used all of the signals on the expansion header, there were functionality conflicts,” said Anders in an email. “Some even used a hot air rework station to remove the eMMC and HDMI. With BlueSteel-Basic, they can use all of the signals on the expansion headers, while still enjoying the faster processor and additional memory.”

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